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Investment casting

Investment casting is dedicated for precision castings’ production. It can create better surface quality and dimensions’ precision than lost wax. It is also for steel casting , alloy steel casting, stainless steel castings’ making. The main difference of investment casting to Lost wax casting is that investment casting is using ludox for adhesive material during the wax shell’s making. And the wax for this process is called middle temperature wax which is different from what is used in lost wax casting process. The wax used in lost wax casting process is normally called low temperature wax.  Middle temperature wax can keep the  wax patterns in more stable dimension, shape and structure in stock ,  dipping adhesive , taking sands and drying operations. This will create more precise wax shell mold and finally create more precise casting blanks. 

The main processes of investment casting include patterns design and making, wax injection, assembly wax into trees, clean by wash, dipping adhesive, taking sand onto wax patterns, drying, lost wax, sintering by furnace, melting, pouring, shaking out, degating, sand clean, grinding gating residual, shot blast and checking.